• Health Canada Approved Thermometers

    Take care of your loved ones and yourself with the help of our Health Canada-approved thermometers and other in-home medical products. Indeed, we understand your need to access reliable and convenient health monitoring tools. That is why all ByFloProducts are designed with the highest standards of performance in mind. They provide the most accurate results while still being easy to use for everyone, including parents and grandparents!

    Because your family's health is our #1 priority!

About Us

ByFloProducts is a Montreal-based company that provides highly accurate, easy-to-use, and affordable thermometers and other medical devices for all your at-home needs. It is our way to help YOU take care of your family.

As a proud Canadian company, we embrace the highest medical standards of our country. Indeed, all our products are officially Health Canada-approved. Rest assured your loved ones are in safe hands!

In fact, our commitment to you goes further! By choosing us, you are guaranteed the best health monitoring tools as well as an exceptional customer service experience. If you have any questions or needs, our team is ready to assist.

Stay healthy!

  • Highly accurate

    Highly sensitive, our digital thermometers deliver the most trustworthy temperature readings in the industry. They are clinically proven and licensed by Health Canada.

  • Easy-to-use

    All of our products are designed with a user-friendly interface. Through their intuitive features, taking your temperature and that of your children has never been as simple!

  • Affordable

    Because we understand the importance of affordable and reliable healthcare, our goal is to make our products accessible to as many families as possible, including yours!